Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Travel Tuesday : A Weekend In Paris

Bonjour! I have been meaning to write this post for a couple months now! Phew! Our one year wedding anniversary was this June and we decided to book a romantic weekend away in no other but the most romantic city in the world, Paris. It was sunny, beautiful, romantic and a weekend to remember. Are you ready for photo overload? We decided to leave our nice fancy camera at home and rely on my iPhone for pics and honestly, I'm OK that we did. Here are A LOT of photos from our trip and a few tips if you are heading to the lovely city of Paris! 
 Living in London allows us to be able to hop on a train and be in Paris in less then three hours, it is pretty amazing, thank you Eurostar! Both Mr. Beau and I have both been to Paris a few times but never together. We thought a quick trip away from London was just what we wanted. We didn't want to jam pack the weekend with a 101 things to do, so instead we did a lot of wandering and visited places as we wanted, it was wonderful! I found some great suggestions on other bloggers sites : Aspiring Kennedy, Oh Happy Day and Pret a Voyager, all which I HIGHLY recommend! I love getting tips from people who have been and have discovered small little spots and not just big tourist destinations. Here goes....our weekend in Paris! 

Where We Stayed

Hotel Edgar - located in the 2nd Arrondissement. We were recommended this very small and funky boutique hotel from a friend who had visited the bar & restaurant during fashion week in Paris. There are less then twenty rooms in the hotel and each room is decorated completely differently. We loved staying here. It was pretty affordable, easy to find, a quick walk to many different metros and the bar was FAB for a late night drink. Tucked away on a little square, I would recommend it. The hotel is not fancy and romantic in the traditional pretty Parisian way, but more funky and hipster, loved it. 
 Hi fab tiled floors! 
We used the metro a lot! Yes, we took a taxi a few times but we went around the city quite a few times when during the weekend on the metro. Do not be intimidated by the metro, it is super easy to figure out and way affordable. 
Where We Ate & Drank

Oh Paris and the food. Le Sigh. Cheese, lovely wines, amazing pastries, steak, crepes, truffles, lalallalalala, the list is never ending. With a few recommendations from friends and a few places we wandered upon, we ate our way through the city quite well. 

Bistro Paul Bert  - A traditional French bistro. We were recommended this from a friend and we were not disappointed. We completely over indulged in côte de boeuf, red wine {Mr. Beau with the overwhelming French wine menu below!} and had the MOST amazing souffle to end the meal. I'm serious, ORDER THE SOUFFLE! 

The photos below is terrible and grainy, but can you see Montmartre in the darkness? This is the view from Bar le Perchoir, go! We went after dinner and had to wait in a line, however, we were dressed up a bit so didn't get denied by the bouncer;) Once we passed the front, we walked up a long spiraling staircase to discover a rooftop bar with a view of Paris, it was fabulous. A bottle of rose and my husband and it made the perfect night. I think it could be quite nice during the day as well.
Les Cocottes - Run by a famous french chef, Christian Constant was a simple menu but very French and very delicious. Expect to wait as they do not take reservations
 but be ready for a lovely meal. 
Laduree - It may be a bit touristy but guess what, I do not care. Laduree, the house of the beautiful pink and green boxes filled with macarons is a must stop for sweets. I recommend heading to the one on the Champs-Élysées first thing in the morning. Splurge on breakfast in their GORGEOUS dining rooms and make sure if you want to purchase some treats, buy them first, after your breakfast their is guaranteed to be a huge wait. The macarons are perfect, the service is lovely and the whole experience is just special. A must stop. 
 Hello wall of ribbon, I love you.
Cafe de Flore - The last day in Paris we wanted to stop by a very French and typical pretty bistro to have some rose and well, croque monsieur's, yep, tourist and don't care. I had read about Cafe de Flore and since we were in the area decided to stop by. It was lovely, crowded but still so typical French and pretty. A wonderful spot for people watching and an afternoon lunch in the sun, sit outside. 
What We Did
From browsing around shops to heading to museums and taking a walk through the Tuileries Gardens with ice cream, we really did adventure through Paris. 
One of my favorite things we did in Paris was head to Rue Cler very close to the Eiffel Tower, pick up lots of french goodies and have a picnic in the park. The street is lined with little shops selling cheese, bakeries, charcuterie, wine, flowers, everything. Sitting under the Eiffel Tower with these treats, it truly was a day to never forget. 

 The flowers in Paris are out of control and I was in picture heaven! The pretty windows, the pretty doors, it was so pretty. 
We took a stroll down the Seine and around the Louvre Museum but didn't head in. We did however stop into the Musee de l'Orangerie, one spot I had never been too. The museum is the location of the Monet water lily paintings and having been in love with them since I was a little girl, I was so happy to see them WAY UP CLOSE. 
Merci Shop, a must stop. If we had had a bit more time we would have stopped in the cafe there, but browsing around the shop alone was amazing. Hello hundreds of types of washi tape. I ended up buying some pretty little champagne flutes to remember our trip, the store is brimming with little bits of inspiration. 
A perfect photo op at the Palais Royal
We hiked up the city to the Sacre Couer, having a glass of rose on the way, of course. The cathedral and the view is unbeatable. 
 Rodin Museum - The museum itself was under renovation but it didn't stop it from being one of my favorite places in Paris. The gardens are beyond gorgeous around the museum. I am in love with wanting to plan a wedding there, hello AMAZING or how about a engagement picture session, its so pretty. I couldn't even imagine living there like when Rodin did, how incredible, in the middle of the city.
So that was it, our gorgeous weekend in Paris. In lots of photos and lots of words, it truly was romantic. Any Paris tips you have for our next trip, do share. For now, we will always have Paris. 

xoxo - Becca


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  2. So glad my blog could be a helpful resource for you :) ... I've always thought Hotel Edgar looked cool.


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