Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday : Thank You Cards

I thought it was only fitting that I the day before Thanksgiving I share some of my thank you cards and tips with you. As of last week, Mr. Beau and I have been married for five months, yiiipppeee! The most memorable perfect day of our lives seems like forever ago, but I can remember every thing like it was yesterday. We will both be forever grateful for everyone who helped us with planning our big day, attending our big day, sending us gifts, cards, texts, etc, it was amazing and we are thankful! When the task of writing thank you cards came I felt that I had told most people thank you 100 times already, however I wanted to send a special card to thank them officially, as you should.
After much searching, I finally decided on the photo cards from BerinMade. I had decided on these before our wedding because I did not want to wait too long in sending them out.  I absolutely love Erin's work and I wanted to send a photo of us out to friends before Chrstimas card season and a short note and links to our video and photos. I was beyond happy with the Lettered Thank You cards we chose, picking the image on the other hand was hard! 

If you are thinking of personalized cards, I recommend you request a photo from your photographer right after the wedding or order non photo ones with your new name, before the wedding so you can send straight away. 
For any of you newlyweds who are delaying the process of thank you cards, start making your list now and start writing. Etiquette says that you have three months from when the gift was received to send a thank you card, not an email or text, a good old fashioned hand written card. Most likely the gift giver attended your wedding and spent time and money traveling to your big day, they couldn't make it and spent a lot of money and thought sending you a gift, so therefor write out a nice handwritten thoughtful card. I wrote some immediate thank your on regular stationery to our family and bridal party for being there and attending and then sent these official thank you cards later on. My suggestion is do a few every evening and highlight the list of who you have sent out. I was afraid I missed people or crossed off someone and didn't actually send one. 

If you are planning on sending out photo cards like we did, make sure to order them quickly right after the wedding day, giving you a quick turn around time on printing. For me, who had guests sending gifts from abroad, some gifts were delayed and the gift giver worried if they were delayed, nope, my card was a bit delayed. 

Personalize your cards, a huge suggestion. Do not just write, thank you for being there or thank you for our wedding gift. Write the guest a memory you enjoyed from the day with them; dancing on the dance floor, seeing them as you walked down the aisle, the photo booth pics, whatever it may be. If your guests gave you money for your honeymoon, tell them how you used it, where, etc. Make your thank you cards have true thanks behind them! 

I know that I am beyond thankful for everyone who attending and helped with our wedding. The day was perfect and I wish we could do it again! I know that when I wrote everyones thank you card, they brought a smile back to my face remembering the amazing memories. 

xoxo - Rebecca
Looking for some Thank You Card and Wedding Stationery ideas, check out my Pinterest Boards here


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