Monday, December 8, 2014

Beauty at Home with MILK Beauty

It is officially Christmas time! The first weekend of December, our tree is decorated and my Christmas playlist on Spotify is on repeat, I love this time of year! Even though I long for this season every year, it also can be a bit stressful and busy at some times, you too? Nights full of parties and get togethers with friends, stores that are constantly crowded and the feeling that starts to make you feeling run down {too much wine or too little sleep?}. In the middle of this, you still want to feel pretty and put together at the Christmas party, but with a busy schedule and a job that requires my full day, I start to think sometimes, how can I do all of this! A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking of how great it would be to relax at home and get a manicure and pedicure for the festive season, without having to run out of the office early before all the nail salons closed, enter MILK Beauty, Mobile Beauty. I've used their services for an at home massage before and I had never thought of using them for getting my nails done, well, I am SO glad I did! 
I invited my friend {and lovely neighbor} over for a girls night treat. A week night of getting a manicure and pedicure at my flat. Convenient, relaxing and fun. A little bit of wine, a little bit of cheese, some snacks and a some celebrity gossip summed up the evening. I think this should become a monthly ritual to be honest. 

The amazing thing about MILK beauty is that you do not have to provide anything. The therapist will bring everything with them from the pedicure spa, gel manicure lights, an amazing selection of polishes,  towels, everything. I was also so excited to see that the prices were exactly in comparison to what I pay at the salon I go to down the street. Manicures by MILK range from £25 - £40 depending if you are looking for a simple manicure or a gel varnish. I have had my Hollywood red glittery festive polish on for a week and a half now and it still looks amazing. 
 A pedicure, a glass of wine, all in your flat, not too bad for a Wednesday night, right? 
 Sir Oliver unfortunately couldn't get his nails done, but he loved being included with the girls! 
Below I made one of my favorite new appetizers, Roasted Grapes & Goat Cheese, easy and so good! A few of these, a little vino, it was a nice night at my flat!
 I love that MILK is now providing the gel manicures as well as regular polish. I usually get a gel manicure every three weeks as I love that it stays on so long. Sometimes it is just not convenient to get a salon, this way, it is at home and there is no way I can miss the tube, have to walk home in the rain, wait for the bus…it is in my living room. 

MILK Beauty can also do massage, waxing, facials and at home spray tans {hello pale sad winter skin, need a party uplift!}. I think next time I may have a few girls over and make a Friday night out of it, what a fun way to catch up. How about hiring MILK for a hen do weekend, that would be perfect! 

Highly recommended. Check out MILK Beauty HERE !

xoxo - Becca


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