Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Man in a Tuxedo….a White Tuxedo

Ladies, there is something about a man in a tuxedo, right? A man in a tuxedo with a big smile makes your heart flutter a little more? Mine does! Actually a man in a white tuxedo jacket makes me even a little happier! I convinced Beau to wear a dapper white jacket for our upcoming wedding and can not wait to see him looking like an old school Hollywood actor on our wedding day, so handsome! When I saw the best actor and best supporting actor on Sunday both dressed in white jackets, I knew it was the perfect choice!  
{image from People.com}
{image from Entertainment.wise}
 {Image from GQ}

How do you feel about a man in a white jacket? :) xoxo - Becca

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  1. I agree. Nothing can go wrong for a man who's wearing a white tuxedo. It shows his confidence, style, and even boosts his charm. It will really be a great choice for your groom to wear on your wedding day. For sure, both of you will look gorgeous and stylish on your big day, just the way you envisioned it to be.

    Howard Crist @ Hidalgo Brothers


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