Monday, August 5, 2013

Dining in London: The Fish & Chips Shop

A couple of months ago I was excited to see this adorable new Fish & Chips shop opening up in Islington. Less then a 10 minute walk from our flat, Upper Street is full of cafes and restaurants, some come and go by the month, but some are so good they stay for awhile. When I saw the outside of the restaurant, I knew this wasn't going to be any ordinary old school fish and chips place, this was going to a cool, hipster fun shop. Let me introduce you to The Fish and Chip Shop.
 Fish and chips are a classic British staple. Often the restaurants can be a hole in the wall, pretty old and not so nice. This particular shop is pretty posh for fish and chips. You think it is an old bistro but lets be honest, it was made to look this way. Come to find out it is the project of Des McDonald, former chef at the Ivy, now I was not surprised. Sitting down we ordered a bottle of rose, but being that the menu had an interestingng list of cocktails including a Pea Martini {questioning what: Gin, pea & mint puree would taste like!} it makes me want to stop back in.

 We thought it was a good choice to bring my parents here, since they were visiting for the week and it seemed like the type of place where we might not leave smelling of fried fish! We ordered mushy peas, crispy chips, oysters, fish and ended with some British Strawberries Shortbread and Cream. I couldn't complain.
 I know the restaurant has gotten mix reviews; not great service, long waits, small portions, but hey, I have to say, I really loved it. I would certainly describe it as a fish and chips shop for hipsters;) The bar makes you feel like you are back a few years ago and all over the restaurant has a small cozy feel that I love. Almost like I walked into a movie set!
The Fish and Chips Shop: 189 Upper Street, try it out! 

xoxo - Becca


  1. This looks lovely!
    My Dad loves Fish and Chips! Whenever they come to visit from South Africa he manages to find himself some most days!
    Lulu x

  2. Although interesting is it possible to avoid those very American but irritating stereotypes of calling everything adorable and cute as well as communicating as if it was you personally that invented something and then wish to share it with the world:


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