Friday, May 24, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.9

YAY! I can not tell you HOW excited I am to see this Friday come! Yiiippppe! I had Tuesday off after working all weekend last week and feel like i haven't been able to catch up since. Taking on a new role at work has pulled a lot of me this week. It is a three day holiday weekend here in London {amazing!} and I took off an extra yes, I'm pretty much on a holiday for 4 days and I can not wait! 
I am beyond ready to lay in bed, get caught up on some piles of magazines, blog read, wedding planning and friend catching up! I am starting to miss my American ladies, sisters and parents a tad bit more then I thought and I have lots of Facetime dates set up. Cheers to a fabulous Memorial weekend to all of my US friends! Cheers to a bank holiday weekend to all of my UK gals! Along the way...I of course managed to fancy a few things!

1. HELLO WEEKEND pencils - From Amanda Catherine on Etsy, these sweet pencils just brighten up your work, don't they! I need a few weekend pencils to maybe pull out during the week as well;)

2. Paleo Pancakes - We are a fan of these pancakes around our flat {as seen here!}. We have visitors for the next three weekends, so you may find us in bed eating these delicious healthy pancakes this weekend, with a quiet house.

3. Bow Bun - How amazing is this hair do! A bun like a bow on Ruffled! Wow, engagement pic hair do?!?!

4. Oversize Urn Martha Stewart Arrangement - I fell in love with a venue. I fell in love with a chapel. It is a bit over our budget, but we will see. I keep envisioning these HUGE urns of flowers by the ceremony...sigh.

5. Oliver Bonas Flower Skirt - It may feel like the end of winter, however it is Spring! Bring on the flower prints! 

6. Shellac Cake Pop - My new favorite manicure color. Yes, the name of the polish is...cake pop! How can you not love it? 

Happy Weekend everyone! Happy Friday! Cheers! 

xoxo - Becca

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