Friday, February 1, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.4

SO today is a big week in our house! Today was my first week with a paycheck in the UK, woo hoo! This calls for a celebration! Lets open up some bubbly. I know I need to be saving all of my pounds up {no not my body weight silly!} for this wedding of ours, but hey, a girl can have her eye on a few new things! Happy Friday. Here is what I have been fancying this week! 
Fancy Friday v.4

Fancy Friday v.4 by rldamato 

1. Top Shop Heart Dress - Just in time for the Valentine's Season! Who am I kidding, I would wear this year around!

2. Top Shop Polish & Butter London Glitter Coat - I am splurging on a mani this weekend and most likely will add some glitter. I'm loving these two brands at the moment! 

3. Complimentary Pencils - So glad I found this site,  Not On the High Street {a UK Etsy like site}, they have these adorable pencils! Perfect to pass along to a friend, colleague..client?

4. Wedding Magazine Reading - So our wedding planning has begun. More posts to come on this! For now I am so looking forward to catching up on the new Reverie Magazine, Martha Weddings, Brides UK and Wedding Magazine UK

5. Almond Flour Cinnamon Rolls & a Cup of Tea - This recipe seems semi Paleo friendly, almond flour, no dairy, it sounds and looks amazing! Pair it with a cup of tea in this cute mug and you have a lovely little morning treat!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!


*Do you have some lovely little things you fancy and would love to share? Write me a note and let me know what it is! I would love to start sharing! 


  1. that heart dress is too cute! remind me where you're getting married - in the US, right?

    1. Hi Betsy! Isn't it cute!!!! We haven't decided where we are getting married yet. really torn between US and UK. really torn. You?????


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