Monday, November 5, 2012


I took this photo on November 4, 2008 in my apartment in DC. Ok, it is a little scary {the eyes, hhhmm} but I remember being SO excited about voting during that election! One of my best friends Meg and I woke up super early and walked in the chilly Fall morning to go vote. It was an exciting day an even more exciting time to live in Washington! I went out in DC to a bar with friends and watched the votes come in and cheered when Obama was elected! I stood by the Washington Monument watching the Presidential Inauguration, it made be excited and proud to be an American! 

This year I had to vote through an absentee ballot as a registered Florida voter. It certainly was not the same experience but even during my move to London, my travels around the North East, voting was on my priority list. So just a little reminder, if you think you have been busy and can't make it out.... take an hour or two of your day tomorrow to GO VOTE! It is our American right to Vote and have a say in who we pick for the next four years. Vote! 


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