Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Case

This past weekend I caved in and upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 4S....ummm, hello, why did I wait so long! I'm totally loving my new phone! It is lighter, smaller and so much faster then my previous iPhone. WOW! So now that I'm loving using it for everything, obviously I need a new case! However, there are so many out there. Help me out! Which one do you think I should get?

I felt it very fitting living in FL by the beach. Isn't it pretty.
My sister sent it to me, I love it, but I decided, I'm 30! Do I need this. However, the light pink version is quite cute.

Case #3 - Kate Spade
So pretty and sophisticated with fun gold polka dots
I'm a sucker for chevron printed items and monogrammed, so both of these together = love.
Yep, I'm pretty in love with everything about this, pink, leopard, fun but sophisticated, kind of.
Help me! Which one should I get????


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