Monday, January 9, 2012

The Holiday Road Trip 2011

I think I may have mentioned, we took a 20 hour road trip to Cleveland for Christmas! Oh my, it was long, however, we had such a wonderful holiday! Other then that late night drive, it wasn't that bad. I thought I would share a few pictures that I snapped along the way.

Sir Oliver was actually, surprisingly SO great on the trip. Look at him in the back seat "his room", a new holiday blanket, toys, new bones, he was all set.
A few holiday details I loved: I wrapped my packages simple in the same color palette and used paint samples that I got at the hardware store for my gift tags. My oldest sister who hosted the holidays this year embroidered towels for everyone this year and left them on our bed, how sweet! And our room was decorated with paper chains just for the holidays, festive!
Yep, that's my family. On Christmas Eve we took a trip to the market in Cleveland that was quite impressive. My sister gave us all reindeer antlers to wear, awesome, haha. We had a mini bar crawl {I think maybe 2 stops} but still everyone was a good sport and so fun.
The first night everyone went to Gatherings Kitchen for a holiday dinner which was SO much fun. My sisters friend Ruth own the catering company that you can hold private supper clubs. We actually made the traditional homemade pasta for the next evening and cooked a lot and drank a lot of vino, really fun night.
I had to share a picture of my sisters guest room she turned into a closet, I mean....really! Her house was featured on Design Sponge earlier this year and I was glad to visit and see what magic she had done.
Last but not least, Christmas day was completed with a little Karaoke. My sister's boyfriend bought her this gift and hands fun! Ok a few cookies, yes wine and singing, Holiday FUN!

Gosh, I love the holidays!!!! So much fun! cheers!


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  1. looks like so much fun! loving your sister's extra room/closet. So jealous!!


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