Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bites of Blue

For the last three days I have stopped into clients first thing in the morning and brought fresh baked blueberry scones to say hello! A freshly baked morning treat is such a surprise to clients and such a change other then a box of bagels and schmears! My favorite recipe is simply easy and oh so fresh and yummy. Get it here!
Well after making my third batch of scones I thought I would look for some other recipes to use up my seasonal favorite blue berries. I ended up finding some beautiful ideas and left wanting to sit in a blueberry bush like when I was little and eat more then goes in my pail!

These adorable mini blueberry pancakes from Martha Stewart weddings are doable and would make a perfect brunch hors d'oeuvres item!
I so love the stationary from U+U Stationary on Green Wedding Shoes that is featrued above. Ok, so it really isn't something we can make but hey, I could make some jam with those adorable labels.
What a beautiful blueberry cake on Martha Stewart weddings.
Blueberry macarons, hello, yes!


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