Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back from the land of the Brits!

Beau and I arrived back from our trip in London and Ireland yesterday afternoon. What a busy and wonderful trip we had across the pond!!! It had been nine years since I studied abroad in London and wow, a reminder of what a fabulous city it is.

Last Monday at this time I was enjoying breakfast at this adorable restaurant called The Modern Pantry, so cute. I had a latte and crumpets with Gooseberry and Vanilla Preserves, delish! Right now I'm struggling getting in the shower to head to work and start back at the busy week of real life ahead, sigh, I love vacation!

I will be back posting about our trip through out the week. I had some issues posting during my trip so I gave up and decided to relax a little and stay away from the computer. Glad to be back writing...but I do miss you London!


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