Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hostess Pantry Essentials

Recently we have had a lot of friends stopping by the flat to meet little Fleur and I love it. You know that I LOVE to entertain, but having a newborn has changed my time quite a lot. I haven't exactly had time to be baking cookies and decorating the flat during the day, ummm no. The first time we had guests I had absolutely nothing to offer, no coffee, no cookies, no wine, nothing. Actually, I think our friends brought me something to eat. Hey, I am a new mom and its a bit hectic around the house so it is totally understandable. Last weekend we were out at fancy Fortnum & Mason  and I told Mr. Beau that I was going to buy a few treats to always keep around for guests, we were not to open them ourselves! Chocolates, special cookies, a pretty serving tray, some bubbly, teas, coffee and some fancy crackers are now stocked in my pantry for whenever a visitor stops by. Entertaining hostess pantry essentials I will call them. You never know when you will have a visitor stop in to say hi and its always nice to have a treat, right! 

1. Lindt Chocolates - I love a little square of these salted chocolates that are inexpensive and easily found at the grocery store. 

2. Afternoon Blend Tea & Laduree Coffee - Forget your every day Starbucks filter coffee, why not got a little something special for when you have friends stop by! 

3. Fortnum & Mason Dark Chocolate Pearl Biscuits & Stroopwafels - Lets be honest, I don't have time to be baking cookies with a two month old at home. Splurge a bit and get some pricey little cookies. We also always have some Dutch stroopwafels around, set atop a cup of coffee they get all warm and delicious and WHO doesn't like these! 

4. Prosecco & Apple Presse - Nothing to fancy and crazy expensive but something you can always have on hand. Also, stock up on something sparkly and non alcoholic for those guests who are expecting or well, just don't feel well! Also, keep some cute Cocktail Napkins on hand, simple but makes a drink feel so much more special with a cute napkin. 

5. Fun Additions - Truffle Honey sprinkled on goat cheese is my favorite and always feels a bit fancy. Forget boring old crackers, keep some special ones on hand like my favorites Toast for Cheese and lastly invest in a stylish and nice platter. I am loving marble right now so this one is perfect Round Marble Tray Oliver Bonas 

Happy Entertaining! 

xoxo Rebecca

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