Friday, July 31, 2015

I Fancy Friday v. 47

Wow! What a month it has been! I was able to stop a bit and smell the roses for a bit and it felt good. I know I had mentioned that I would be back and here I am, freshly back after a little blog break and I am posting on a Friday, woo hoo! We have been quiet over here but life has certainly not been quite {follow along on Instagram!}, I have a lot of linen orders, attended a wedding, planning events/wedding for the Fall, running, a lot of running, getting healthy, oh my....the list goes ON! In the middle of the business, the relaxing and the day to day adventures, I have managed to find a few things I fancy and wanted to share with you. 
Happy Weekend! xoxo Becca

1. Colorful Cuban Wedding Inspiration by Jose Villa - WOW! I mean REALLLLLY! This inspiration was right up my alley as AMAZING. 

2. Max Wanger Print - I am so loving this print and hoping we can find a spot for it on our flat. It reminds me of our years in the sunshine near the beach in Florida. It also makes me SO want to go to the beach and swim around, holiday soon?

3. Watercolor Place mat - I am planning an upcoming shoot for Glimmer & Threads and so LOVE the DIY place mats of on Style Me Pretty. Could they look like marble, why yes they do! 

4. ASOS off the shoulder frill detail - What is it with off shoulder, I'm just loving it! Isn't this dress cute and AFFORDABLE for the summer. 

5. Rooftop Film Club - Mr. Beau and I have a date night tomorrow at the Rooftop Film Club and I couldn't be happier. Theory of Everything has been on my list to see for awhile, it sounds like a perfect Friday night! Have you been?

6. Minty Pea Dip - Ive made this a few times and well, I love it. Healthy fresh and such a yummy snack. 

7. Pink Wedding Shoes - How amazing are these Charlotte Mills shoes! Right? Awww, I love them for your wedding day and also, birthday;) These were used on the shoot I created them and I still LOVE them. 

8. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm - my new fancy, expensive lipstick. OK kidding, its so cheap and its AMAZING. The pink one! 

9. Cookie Dough Greek Yoghurt  - Wow! A healthy take on cookie dough, I think I may need to treat myself this weekend

10. Audrey Hepburn Exhibit  - Who wants to go? The National Portrait Gallery has an Audrey Hepburn Exhibit and it closes in October. I know that seems forever away, but with the crazy schedules we live...I want to book now! 

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! I am so glad I had a little break. Make sure to enjoy the weekend. Hug your mom, your sister, your boyfriend, husband, dad, dog, kitten, friend, everyone. Life is too short and that is why I took some time off, to focus on what I need to plan for the rest of my life, to make us happy! I hope you get a little of that time this weekend as well. 

xoxo Becca

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