Friday, September 21, 2012

Our First Week in London

I can not believe that last week at this time we were waiting at Heathrow airport for Oliver to arrive. It has been a week here in London! Busy looking for flats, Beau started his new job, we celebrated his birthday, Oliver discovered some new parks and we discovered some fabulous pubs! Here are a few shots from our first week in our new country. 

Feeling frumpy and unstylish, I put my hair up in a big pouf, added some hot pink lipstick and wore my trench for a day out to discover the city. 

I've become a bit obsessed with front doors in London. Shiny with fabulous door knockers, what a great entrance to your home. I am constantly stopping mid walk to snap a pic of a cute new door. 

We discovered a near by park for Oliver that has new British puppy friends. There are SO many parks in London but it is funny because not all of the parks allow dogs, so while we are looking for a place to stay, we have our eyes open for a park near by.

Our first day in London was sunny! Luckily we have not had rain {even though I know its on its way this weekend!} but the temperature is quite chilly. Time for me to purchase a new winter coat. 

Who knew that there were so many red foxes in the city! I feel like this cute little red fox is the rat to this city, but way cuter. I was told that they get in from the countryside and walk down the railroads. We were walking by a park and a girl left her yogurt for him! Since then I have spotted many little foxes on my walks with Oliver, secretly I want to him to be friends with Mr. Fox, but I have a feeling that isn't such a good idea. 

We have been walking around numerous neighborhoods trying to get a feel if we like the area to live in before searching for flats there. I couldn't help by convince Beau to visit Notting Hill! My college when I studied abroad was in this neighborhood and it is just too cute! 

Oliver has started some new bad habits: laying on the couch and jumping on the bed. The problem is that we have also started two bad habits and allowed him too. There is just such limited space in this flat that I feel bad making him snuggle up in a ball on the floor. Oh well, isn't he too cute to say no to! 

Happy Weekend everyone! We are going to do a lot of more exploring and venture off to a new pub for my birthday on Sunday! Thinking of your from Across the Pond! Cheers! 



  1. I didn't know there was foxes in the city?! That's crazy but I guess it's just like our raccoons here.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  2. Don't you just love the doors in London?! It's so fun when the owners get creative and paint them crazy colors! Hope you guys have a great weekend celebrating your birthday!:)

  3. Becca - What day is your birthday, really Sunday? The 23rd? Because if it is the 23rd... we have the same birthday! Happy Birthday!


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