Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Target's Liberty Collection

Oh I OH SO LOVEEEEE Target! A few times of year they have great collaborations with designers for a fashion/home line at a Target price, not a designer store price. It is a FABULOUS idea that the wonderful company created. I still consider my Silver Holiday Behnaz Sarafpour skirt from Target one of my favorite things I own. So fun and if I would have bought it at Bloomingdale's it probably would have cost $300, the Target line was $30.

This month the wonderful British fashion house of Liberty of London has partnered with Target. The company known for floral prints is so perfect for Spring time. I am loving the whimsical ads So many items are already selling out. I must run to Target soon!

{Liberty of London is known for floral prints. I remember while studying abroad in London the brand was making a big comeback and the little floral scarves were spotted everywhere.}

{This floral lamp looks amazing in this white living room.}

{Where can I get this pink flowered dress...asap!
I want to have a tea party while wearing it.}

{I would LOVE a bike to drive around by the beach in Florida.
How cute would this be!}

{Mini pink cupcakes and french macaroons would be a
nice addition on this tray for my tea party.}

{New York had an amazing Target pop up store for a week. Wow. I wish I could make more day trips to the Big Apple!}

{Pretty floral beach dress belongs in my closet this spring. Pretty Florida
beach attire. A must.}

{Liberty of London prints were pasted onto these plates for a pretty wall arrangement. You think Beau would allow me to hang up pink plates in the kitchen?}
{Adorable for a baby girl!}

{oh yes, another floral dress that I must have!}
{This chair would be perfect outside by my new lemon tree in Ft. Lauderdale. A little outside office space?}

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