Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

I truly feel that I have been pretty good and healthy during my pregnancy. I am still heading to yoga, working out at home and eating big salads. OK, I have indulged in some of London's yummiest treats {check out my Instagram account for trips to Sketch for tea, DumDum Doughnuts and Blu Top Ice Cream to name a few!} but all in all I think on a day to day basis I have been pretty good. The one treat that me and Mr. Beau have done weekly during my pregnancy is to make a Sunday night visit to our local ice cream shop, Udderlicious. I have always been a HUGE ice cream fan and there is something about it that just makes you happy, right? So recently during a trip to IKEA when I spotted these cute heart shaped waffles I couldn't stop thinking about what to do with them. Then it dawned on me to mix the cuteness with the deliciousness of ice cream. Easy and perfect for a party or just a night in. Homemade waffle ice cream sandwiches are AMAZING and my new favorite love. See below for my tips on creating a perfect waffle icewich ;) 
I used the heart shaped frozen IKEA waffles because they were super cute, but you can use any flavor or shape you want from the grocery freezer section. Next is to select an amazing delicious and special selection of ice creams. I didn't want to go with regular vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, oh no, I wanted fun flavors. If I were having guests over for dinner I would put all the tubs on a table and let guests make them on their own. I think most guests would be pretty pleased with Espresso Biscotti instead of
 I chose my favorites: Udderlicious Espresso Biscotti, Jude's Salted Caramel and my newest discovery of Ice Cream Union Cornflake, ummm Yum! 
 Once you select the ice creams you need some toppings right! I went with a mix of interesting and basic. Fresh strawberries, chocolate chips, potato chips, sprinkles and Lucky Charms marshmallows. You could add some sauces if you wanted to get really crazy. 
This ice cream is amazing. It tastes like the milk in your cereal bowl after eating delicious cornflakes, sweet and tasty. 

 I've been a big fan of Jude's since we moved here. A British brand that makes a range of classic and seasonal flavors {hello Gin & Tonic} that are all pretty amazing. 
 And yep, then there is Udderlicious our local spot that I splurged and got a pint of the good stuff to take home. I am still wandering why I had not tried this before! 

Below were my favorite sandwich flavours I created but you can mix and match them however you would like. 

 Easy right? Are you hungry? Do you want to toast a bunch of breakfast waffles right now and scoop delicious ice cream on them? You should! I hope this inspires you to serve for your kids or a Summer dinner party, fun conversations instead of something fancy. 


xoxo Becca

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