Friday, August 26, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 56

Friday Friday! Wow, I can't believe this Friday has come so quickly. Yep, my due date is this Sunday, so to me it is a questionable Friday, will I have a baby by next Friday or not? The waiting game has begun and every day I think, OK, she could be here soon! I've been keeping pretty busy, taking #siroliveruk on plenty of sunny walks, fixing up the nursery, getting our flat in shape and meeting up with friends. I am excited for the three day weekend in London to have Mr. Beau at home and to relax and watch a lot of Netflix and stay cool inside. Throughout the week I have found a lot of goodies that I have fancied and wanted to share with you. Any exciting plans for you this weekend? Do share! Happy Friday! I hope you have a fancy and fabulous weekend. xoxo Becca

1. Gorgeous Pink Bouquet on Wedding Sparrow oh how I LOVE an overflowing gorgeous bouquet. Isn't this pink one so so pretty. Getting itchy to plan my next flower filled event! 

2. Not much longer until I can make myself a cocktail. These Summer Cocktails look delicious and I may try out one as a virgin recipe this weekend. The cucumber one sounds pretty amazing. 

3. Have you tried this gel at home polish? I was skeptical but am now LOVING it! I chose Essie Gel Couture Fairy Tailor and have had it on my nails for over a week with no chipping. It is really quick easy and only £12! 

4. I am excited to head to Clipstone Restaurant tomorrow for Saturday brunch. Such a great new London spot. I've been for dinner and its really delicious. A small neighborhood corner spot close to Warren Street. Highly recommended! I'm craving their Watermelon Iced Tea and their flatbreads. 

5. I love finding new recipes! I made this amazing Apple & Almond Bircher Muesli and had it three times for breakfast this week. It is truly delicious! Also this Coconut Soda looks amazingly simple and beautiful, need to try. 

6. Guilty pleasure of mine...James Corden Carpool Karaoke! This new episode of James Cordon & Britney Spears is fantastic, I was laughing out loud during this scene of hit me baby one more time! Lunch break worthy pick me up! 

7. So I tried this pretty lip out yesterday and kind of loved it. Gold Metallic Lip  is easy and shimmery and makes you feel a little fairy like;) 

8. I have started putting together a little Fall Wardrobe Wish List since I've been wearing maternity clothes for 9 months, I'm excited for a few NEW pieces. My eye keeps going to this cute Zara Pink Leather Jacket to layer over leggings and long shirts. What do you think? 

Happy Friday everyone!


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