Friday, August 12, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 55

Ok, so, WOW! I can not believe I am writing this post and I am now over 8 months pregnant, time flies! I feel like I wrote this 6 month post yesterday, whoa! I have officially started my maternity leave and am now in a bit of "nesting" phase. I spent the week exploring some new London spots with my bestie from second grade and now I'm back at home ready to relax. I do believe the nesting thing is real, all I want to do is fix up our flat and get it sorted, its top on my list. So this weekend, Mr. Beau and I will be spending some time visiting friends and fixing up the flat while sprinkling in some relaxing. I am trying to cherish every single quiet minute before #babygirlkobus arrives. Even just writing this post on a sunny Friday is so enjoyable and relaxing as I know a whole change is around the corner, an exciting change, but one that may not leave me with as much quiet me time. I hope you have a great a weekend and enjoy the Friday things I fancy! 

1. ASOS Flowered Maxi Dress - Oh if I only had a place to wear this FAB dress! I mean, it is on sale and is so pretty for an event! Maybe purchase it for next year? How about for bridesmaids, that would be really great. 

2. DIY Rose Gummies - So yep, these are at the top of my list to make after little baby girl arrives. Rose Wine Gummie Bears! 

3. Handpainted Cloth Wedding Inspiration - I've been saving a lot of inspirations lately for upcoming projects and am so inpsired by this gorgeous shoot. How pretty is the handpainted tablecloth and backdrop. 

5. Quill London Thank You Cards - The lovely Lucy at Quill London put together some last minute thank you cards for me and I can't tell you how happy I am with them. They are beautiful. HIGHLY recommend to stop by her adorable store if you are looking for bespoke stationery or just beautiful cards. 

6. Martini Two Tone Side Table - I am really loving this adorable table from West Elm! How cute would this be in the blush, grey and gold nursery!

7. New Balance Pink Trainer - Anyone else on a mission for some cute new sneaks. I want sporty but also stylish. I'm thinking these pink ones could be a perfect fit. 

9. Appetite Paper - I am contemplating making a flower mobile for little #babygirlkobus nursery. These DIY flowers are SO real and do not look super difficult. Fingers crossed. 

10. Milk Bar's Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies - So I do not need to explain why I fancy this. This recipe sounds amazing and delicious and simple. done. 

11. Stiches & Soles baby Moccasions - How adorably cute are these moccasions. I am LOVING the sequins and bow options. I may need to add a pair to her wardrobe soon. 


4.  Emma Block at West Elm - The lovely Emma Block will be doing Live Illustration tomorrow and Sunday at West Elm. I am a huge fan of Emma's work and had her paint my One Year Wedding gift to Mr. Beau. I am planning on stopping by. Hope to see you there!  

8. KERB Camden - So I have long been a fan of the KERB food trucks. This weekend KERB begins a seven day a week home in Camden. This past week we stopped by and sampled Blu Top Ice Cream Sandwiches {carrot cake ice cream with snickerdoodle cookies and salted caramel, OMG} and had a big bowl of macaroni and cheese from MAC Factory, yum! Highly recommend to stop by, yum yum yum. 

HAPPY WEEKEND! xoxo Rebecca

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