Monday, March 23, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

The weekend was lovely. It was such a busy week last week, that Friday night and Saturday came and went before I knew it, but all the same it was a really great weekend! I often am on such a "go, go, go" schedule that I find myself constantly picking up, cleaning, emailing, blogging, scheduling get togethers, etc. that I do not spend time on the weekend relaxing. Sunday, after a fun but busy Friday and Saturday, I actually took a little nap on the couch, we had a great Sunday lunch with friends, read a magazine and cooked up a storm for the rest of the week, it was so lovely. Now here we are again, Monday, the beginning of the week ahead, but with another busy one ahead, looking back at the weekend will make me excited for the next weekend soon! Anybody else have a good weekend????
Friday night I was at home prepping and setting up for the bridal shower I hosted at our flat Saturday. It was SO much fun! I can not wait to share more pictures that the amazing Kylee Yee captured, but for now you can see sneaks on my Instagram account. Above is a photo of just a few of the flowers I was prepping for the party, I loved finally using our Butler stand…bar stand this weekend!

The cookies I served were the cutest things I had seen in awhile! They were made by CakeyCoo  and they are so sweet1 Diamonds, her initials, sigh, I am loving all of their cookies. 
One of the things that is great about planning events is the left over flowers from events. These little mint green vases full of anemones are scattered around my flat and I'm so in love with them. The silver sequin linen from Glimmer & Threads made it event a bit more pretty as well. Can't our flat look like this every day. 

I indulged a bit too much this weekend. With one gym workout yesterday, the rest of the weekend was spent indulging in scones {and eating them post party for breakfast, eeeek}, cake, cookies, tea sandwiches and champagne. Hey, I can't beat myself up right, it was a fun celebration!
And after all of that indulgent, we went to the veggie market and over bought in produce. Newington Green Fruit and Vegetable shop is now one of our go to stops for produce. The amount of stuff we buy from the shop is half the cost of the grocery store. And the thing is, the selection is amazing, check out the tomatoes above! I spent the evening making this Carrot Quinoa Salad, roasting tomatoes and zucchini and prepping my lunch for the week so I would start feeling good again after my sugar indulgence. If you live in the Highbury area, take a stroll here, it is so worth it! 
And one of the things I cherish, that I spent part of the afternoon doing yesterday, was hanging with these two; Mr. Beau and Sir Oliver! The weather was gorgeous on Sunday in London and it was starting to feel like Spring. My often "too busy" attitude gets thrown out the window when I'm walking around with these two in the sunshine. It always reminds to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life, and walks with these two are just those things. 

I hope you had a great weekend! See you tomorrow! xoxo - Rebecca

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