Monday, January 26, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

So here we are, Monday morning, eeekk! Did everyone have a good weekend? I have a bit of a full on week ahead and I have to be honest, my weekend was lovely. I really tried to block out the week ahead and starting Friday night, I just enjoyed it. Friday night we ended up staying in with our friends next door {yes, we have lovely amazing neighbors that are our friends = lucky us!} and drinking wine and catching up. Saturday Mr. Beau and I headed to Hampstead Heath with our friends and yesterday I met up with my wedding florist and friend Jay for coffee and then met Mr. Beau for a late lunch at the British Museum. Wow. With a sprinkle of project work here and there, it was a usual full on weekend for us, but fun. The week ahead is looking a bit tough and full on, I'm just crossing my fingers that all my events go off with a success and well….my big launch gets covered in confetti;) More on that tomorrow. Cheers to the week ahead! 
I am totally obsessed with this new shirt my sister sent me! Pop Fizz Clink Tshirt is adorable!

My new cards came in on Friday and I spent a little time making the sides extra gold and glittery. I can't wait to use the for exciting things to come! 
 The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington is simply adorable. I love meeting up for a drink there with friends and it was SO nice to catch up with my amazing wedding florist Jay and just sweet friend yesterday. 
Jay brought me pink tulips, I mean how sweet is she! Pink and tulips, two things that are near and dear to my heart. 
 My sisters Christmas box to me was amazing. I told her I felt like it was my Pinterest board in a box. The clips above are pretty stink in cute. 
Doesn't everyone need to enjoy breakfast on ridiculous placemats. Kate Spade for breakfast starts the day out just a little brighter. 
We discovered a new {very OLD! 1585!} on Saturday. It was a lovely little pub and they allow…Sir Oliver! We will be stopping back at this spot soon. 

Cheers to the week ahead! I am taking some deep relaxing breathes and hoping to make it through with a smile on my face!!!! 

xoxo - Becca


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