Monday, January 5, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

Good morning! It has been a nice quiet and restful two weeks in London. The city has been quiet on the tubes, my email box hasn't been full and our diary full of endless plans has been pretty empty. I have really enjoyed the little bit of quiet time we have had here in the city. Today the city wakes up again when we all head back to work and reality of the hustle and bustle. I am attempting {hey, I'm trying!} to stay off Instagram a bit more on the weekends, be present and stop scrolling all of the time. In replace of that, I thought I would share my weekend adventures and finds on Monday over here on the blog! Happy Monday everyone, I hope you have a good start to your week and had a wonderful weekend behind you to restart you for the days ahead. 

Saturday night Mr. Beau and I finally went to a movie at the Everyman Cinema Screen on the Green down the street from us on Upper Street.  We have lived here for over two years and walk by this theatre almost daily. I do not know why it has taken us SO long to go see a movie here because I loved it! The theatre has a bar in the back of the theatre, the seats are comfortable {we sat on a couch}, you can order actually good food {the pizza was pretty yummy} and they deliver it to your seat. We saw Birdman, I would highly recommend a date night to this theatre! Oh and even though it was a relaxing date night, I still managed to dress up with some bling! Accessorize  is having an amazing sale by the way, 50% on some new bling for the new year was much needed! 
{Red Wine on the couch at Screen on the Green}
We wanted to take Oliver on a long walk in Hampstead Heath but unfortunately the rain was pouring down all day on Saturday, instead we went local. Long walks are part of our weekly activity in this household.  I love to head on a run in Clissold Park  and it is a great spot for dogs. The park isn't huge but it is our local spot and I think its such a lovely spot in the area. Clissold House can be hired for events and every time I stop in for coffee I think of planning a little soiree here myself. 
Sunday morning we went to church on the other side of town where we got married. Every time we head over to Putney Bridge we stop in at Hally's for brunch afterwards, {you can read about Hally's HERE}. The poached eggs are delicious and so is the wallpaper in the ladies room! 
 I am going on a bit of a two week detox. I am going to eat more then juices, promise! Yesterday I decided to indulge a bit with fancy hot chocolate before we take down the Christmas tree and wine with pasta, yum! Today it is all about lemon waters, fresh juice, salads and veggies. Is anyone else giving their body a little restart?
I wanted to make a little treat/snack I wouldn't feel guilty about munching on throughout the week. Have you had Rainforest Crisps and love them as much as I do? These crackers are amazing on a cheeseboard!!!! I found this recipe and made them Saturday and baked them Sunday. The outcome is delicious! Advice, if you are making them, give yourself a little time, but they are just as good….if not better then the store bought kind! 

Did you find any new restaurants this weekend? Go to a movie, read a good article? Let me know! Cheers to a happy week ahead! I spent some time planning my 2015 goals over the past few days and I will be sharing them tomorrow. Have a good week. 

xoxo - Rebecca

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