Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Sir Oliver!

{image by Doggy Studio

Yesterday Oliver turned two! Yes, he is a big boy now, in his terrible two's;) OK, I know I sound like a crazy dog mom and guess what....I truly don't care. It is funny because I truly never thought I would end up with a larger dog. I always thought I would get a pug, french bull dog, a Pomeranian {maybe some day} but then when Oliver kind of fell into our life....well the rest if history. Beau and I couldn't imagine our life without this furry bundle of fun. Long walks in Hampstead Heath, bike rides by the beach in Florida, hours of entertainment in our pool in the States, I am completely convinced that there is a little man trapped inside him! Every morning when he runs from his room and jumps on our bed, while I might be angry for the fur on our blanket, how can you resist his cute little loving face. He is the best companion for us to have living over seas, it completes our little family for now. 

Thanks for being the bestest dog Oliver! To my buddy, my pumpkin, my little furry guy, my crazy dog, Oliver....Happy BIRTHDAY! 

You can see more Oliver adventures HERE



  1. He makes me smile!!! Happy Birthday Oliver!

  2. Charlie turned two on the 14th! From one big two-year-old to another, Happy Birthday :)


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