Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little Shimmer to my Sunday

Happy Sunday Everybody! So sorry I have been quite and not around much this week. With our new little puppy, blogging on the new adventure and plain out well...busy this week. I am making time today to sit inside and blog away. There is so much wonderful stuff that I am excited to share. Irene didn't do much to Florida, thank goodness! I hope anybody reading in the North East is same and sound! Here are some sparkly links to add to your Sunday...

How can you not LOVE this store! You know how obsessed I am with kate spade as it is. Well, the wall at kate spade in soho, I LOVE!

I love grey palette with a pop of color palette for a weding. hhhmm, pink grey and orange for a future wedding for this blogging girl would be nice! HOWEVER, right now I think this Style Me Pretty featured wedding is amazing. And the hula hooping bride!

These tiny pies Camille featured look delish. Now how can I make them myself!

I am not really sure what is in store for my 30th birthday but I want to wear something glitzy!

Love this berry look! The heels, so fun!

Who wants to go with me to this fun Miami Girls Night Event on Thursday?

My company had 1/2 day Friday's this summer, amazing. I LOVE how kate spade inspired their employees to take creative 1/2 day Fridays. See their adventures here.

I'm off to lay in the pool for some sunshine. See you later! Maybe I'll be drinking one of these.


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