Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Sunday ~ Puppy Love!

This weekend I am home! After three weekends of travelling, I am enjoying being home, no plans, relaxing and finally time to breathe. Also, I have somebody to keep my company....our new puppy! Yes, Beau and I got a 5 month old Australian Shepard puppy on Wednesday.

Introducing..... Sir Oliver of Leon ! Isn't he cute. He is super sweet and we love him!

In between walking Oliver, cleaning the house, laundry, sitting by the pool and raking through cookbooks for some items to make, I will be browsing around on these links! Enjoy your Sunday!

What a cute welcome bag for a wedding in the Keys.

Martha dog toys! Oh my, this is so cute!

Tempted to purchase this for my upcoming birthday dress.

How lucky were the ladies at Simply Chic Events, look who they ran into at dinner!!!!

Oooo, adorable bags for a party!

Joy is simply the cutest pregnant woman. So cute.

A few September birthdays coming up {hhmm. hhmm. hmmm} Pretty birthday cards!

XOXO~ Becca & Oliver!

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