Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pick myself up

So as you all know, I have been doing the job hunting thing for awhile now. I haven't found anything that I've accepted, loved or that has accepted me. This week I applied for a job I was REALLY excited about but unfortunately do not think I will be getting an offer for. I feel well over qualified for the position, but that is another story. After the emails went back and forth with their HR team I went to bed last feeling upset, frustrated and not very optimistic about really anything. I had a bust day at work today, I have a lot of events coming up, I'm running the NYC marathon, I haven't seen beau in awhile and all in all I was just blah.

Tonight I talked to my sister Chair who always has a great boost to give me. She is the oldest one of the sisters and always has a good perspective for me, "life is not that bad". I started ranting about running, being tired, stressed, job hunting, etc. She gave me three simple words that put it into perspective for me, take a break. Maybe this was just what I needed to hear. Take a break from the job search. I'm running the NYC marathon for my 3rd time, a lot of people don't get to do it one time. So she is right, I need to take a little break from the job search. I need to wake up tomorrow morning, go for a run, relax over the next two weeks, eat healthy, get sleep and enjoy the time I have for myself. After November 1st I can dive back into the job hunt.

So like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire sang ... I pick myself up Dust myself off, Start all over again. I need to do this! I can't let the people who did not want to hire me bring me down.
I need to take a couple of weeks to regroup, focus on myself then start all over again!


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