Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back from the land of the Brits!

Beau and I arrived back from our trip in London and Ireland yesterday afternoon. What a busy and wonderful trip we had across the pond!!! It had been nine years since I studied abroad in London and wow, a reminder of what a fabulous city it is.

Last Monday at this time I was enjoying breakfast at this adorable restaurant called The Modern Pantry, so cute. I had a latte and crumpets with Gooseberry and Vanilla Preserves, delish! Right now I'm struggling getting in the shower to head to work and start back at the busy week of real life ahead, sigh, I love vacation!

I will be back posting about our trip through out the week. I had some issues posting during my trip so I gave up and decided to relax a little and stay away from the computer. Glad to be back writing...but I do miss you London!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

HELP make Amelia Lovely!

The wonderful blog Making it Lovely and American Express Membership Points have teamed up to give away 150,000 membership reward points and a custom Making it Lovely design plan. My oldest sister Charity is a finalist with her airstream, Amelia! PLEASE vote for her and help her recreate her space! VOTE HERE {you can vote once from an individual computer, phone, work computer, etc.}

Charity bought her little silver bullet as a dream she always had to drive away for the weekend with friends and have a hip little camper in the woods. Little did she know when she bought it that it needed A LOT OF work . Click over here to see her adventures with Amelia.

PLEASE pass this along to friends, coworkers, family, family friends....etc. Vote from all of your computers once. I am cheering along my sister and hoping she can make Amelia bright and shiny!!!! VOTE HERE for CHARITY !


xoxo ~Becca

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blogging as a Business

I was so excited to see Abby from Style Me Pretty featured on CBS News this weekend! It is so exciting to see how much blogging CAN be a successful business when you keep at it! Style Me Pretty, the #1 Wedding Blog, Way to go Abby! I love to see how much her beautiful wedding blog has grown over the years! Support the blogs!!!

It may be a husband and wife team, blogging at home about gorgeous weddings, however, it is a hugely successful business! Amazing.


Friday, June 10, 2011


Lots have been written recently regarding Gwyneth Paltrow and her one too many things that she is doing: a cookbook, actress, blog, now a singer. I have to say, GO GWYN! I recently purchased her new cookbook My Father's Daughter and honestly, I love it. There are blogs out there that comment on how can she write a cookbook, what does she know? Well, buy it, use it, it is great. Gwyneth is a lucky person who is truly living the life of doing everything she loves, I completely look up to that! I think everybody else is well, jealous! She isn't saying that she is a master chef, she enjoys it and loves cooking and wants to share her healthy home cooking with everybody. Thanks Gwyn!

Her recipe for her father's pancakes looks absolutely delish!

The duck ragu recipe is on my list to make when we get home from travelling, it seems amazing. I have tried a few of her fish dishes, chicken, and a lot of the basics to keep in my pantry like roasted tomatoes. All of them were simple and tasty!
Sigh, can I have a pretty white kitchen with the sun shining in on me! The photos are quite beautiful.

Her guest appearances on GLEE, I'm a fan! I think her role is awesome! She can sing, act, dance, ok she can do it all.

Did you see her on the Grammy's this year? Hello spandex catsuit!

I mean really, I understand why people hate her out there, look at this amazing body she has while promoting a cookbook where she is eating bowls of pasta! What!

The Self cover makes me want to want to do Tracey Anderson's workout two times a day and eat duck ragu!;)
GOOP her lifestyle newsletter is oh so Gwyn. Ok, I can't afford half of the wardrobe pieces she shared recently but I did love her travel advice for my upcoming trip to London!

I made this seasonal berry crisp from her cookbook and it is easy and such a treat have during the summer. The perfect ending to a nice dinner with friends, it is so easy to pop in the oven while you are having dinner.
Honestly, I think Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing. She is a fabulous woman! After reading blog posts week after week tearing her apart for trying to do it all, as my mom would say, "You go girl!". Good for her! Rock on Gwyn!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bites of Blue

For the last three days I have stopped into clients first thing in the morning and brought fresh baked blueberry scones to say hello! A freshly baked morning treat is such a surprise to clients and such a change other then a box of bagels and schmears! My favorite recipe is simply easy and oh so fresh and yummy. Get it here!
Well after making my third batch of scones I thought I would look for some other recipes to use up my seasonal favorite blue berries. I ended up finding some beautiful ideas and left wanting to sit in a blueberry bush like when I was little and eat more then goes in my pail!

These adorable mini blueberry pancakes from Martha Stewart weddings are doable and would make a perfect brunch hors d'oeuvres item!
I so love the stationary from U+U Stationary on Green Wedding Shoes that is featrued above. Ok, so it really isn't something we can make but hey, I could make some jam with those adorable labels.
What a beautiful blueberry cake on Martha Stewart weddings.
Blueberry macarons, hello, yes!


Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Sunday Reading

After a busy week and weekend I am finally sitting down on the couch with a little time to catch up on some blog reading. Wow, so many amazing posts out there that I have missed out on! My weekend was full of a little shopping for a few upcoming trips, a fun workout on South Beach, breakfast in the backyard on our new backyard furniture! I have another busy week ahead full of travelling and events, so here is what I will be catching up on tonight...

Two of my favorite blogs got a little redesign this past week! Woo Hoo!

Oh Happy Day ~ I simply love reading Jordan's posts! Now that her and her family are living abroad in Paris, it is so fun to follow their weekend trips to London, Germany, Holland! It kind of gives me a good idea....little abroad year to live? Good idea to me! I love this post about the Test Your Tastebuds Dinner Party, fun idea!

Design Sponge - Oh my, this blog, well, wow, we all read it, we all love it. Grace's post of before & after, ideas on entertaining, the list goes on. I love reading the post on the new hotel in Miami, the Lords South Beach! Click here to hop on over....

The tents at the White Party by Camille Styles are tres fab!

I LOVE Abby's post about being busy on Style Me Pretty backstage. Makes me think, am I really that busy?

Erin from Elements of Style wrote a REAL and WONDERFUL post on Friday! I've dealt with this issue for years and I'm so glad she posted this. I think it is real, true and living in Sunny Florida sometimes not the sunny side of life here dealing with the body image, stuff that comes back from your teenage years. Ok, I'm getting a little deep here....good read! Read it here.

Off to Bed! Watching a little of the Mtv Movie Awards, geez, Reese Witherspoon, gees, too cute!

Night. xoxo~Becca

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday in South Beach

Happy Saturday everybody! I am off to South Beach this morning with a few girlfriends. We signed up for the Shape Bikini Body Countdown and I am excited for a fun workout in the sun, by the beach....and a swag bag! hellooooo!

Enjoy your day! xoxo~Becca
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